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in Travel & Tourism

Training Outcome    

  • Enable students to develop an understanding of the nature of travel and             
    tourism, globally, nationally, and locally 

  • Learner understands the role, responsibilities, and ethics of a journalist 

  • Acquire the essential skill to write Blogs and create vlogs

  • Understanding the importance of writing as a marketing tool in travel and tourism 

  •  Learner develops the skill to research content

  • Learner develops the skill to use Camera as a tool to communicate 

  • Acquire the communication skills to send the right kind of messages to address the target audience needs 

  • Learning to be aware of different values and attitudes in relation to travel and tourism media

Introduction to Travel & Tourism Media

In this module we will learn what is travel and tourism media? How does this sector work? What are the niches in this sector? And what is the impact of travel and tourism sector around the globe.


Creation of the Story

In this session we will go through the steps of creating a story, from finding your story to crafting and structuring the beginning. Middle, the end and transitions. Exploring the difference in approach required for different stories. Learning to create publishable articles and market them successfully, and how to re-use your experiences – turning one article into two.


Tourism & Food Photography

In this session we will discuss about how pictures are an important tool for selling your content and making audience relate to your story. We will learn the basics of photography, finding your niche, building a portfolio, to finding clients, getting published, building your social media presence and mastering the art of self-promotion.


Travel Blogging & Travel Vlogging

In this module we will learn what is travel blogging and vlogging, how this culture has risen throughout the years. Different types of travel content, how to build a commercial appeal through your content, how to make your content more relatable and sellable


Publishing & marketing your content

This is your Services Page. It's a great opportunity to provide information about the services you provide. Double click on the text box to start editing your content and make sure to add all the relevant details you want to share with site visitors.


Celebrity Tourism Management

Films can provide benefits to the locations that they portray by stimulating the interests of the audience. Film-induced tourism is viewed as a popular media-induced tourism domain.  In this module we learn about many celebrities who have helped in changing the mindset of the viewers by promoting locations and attracting tourists to several parts of India. We take a look at a few of them who have inspired us to explore our own country as tourists.


Perks of Travel & Tourism Media and Opportunities

In this session we will learn what are the perks of travel and tourism media and the future opportunities in this niche. From government funded travel vloggers to how to connect with a brand.


Earning through Writing/Photography & Going Solo

In this module we will discuss about how to earn through your content and how to become an independent content creator.


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Education has the power to construct a path for an individual to achieve wisdom, skills, and talent. The power to create, innovate and enhance, can be developed, and inherited with the right education at the right time.

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