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Certification in

This certification courses focuses on basics of Search Engine Optimazation & Search
Engine Marketing. Gain expertise in search, Learn how to get noticed in google search results
and How to run search and display ads campaigns.
Learning Objective:
➔ Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
➔ Keyword research and tools for Keyword research
➔ Creating Content for SEO
➔ Link Building and Back Links
➔ Schema Mark-up For SEO
➔ Understanding Search engine marketing
➔ Pay per click (PPC), its Importance, types, and benefits
➔ User journey of Google ads and its bidding process
➔ Display ads, video ads, and universal app ads
➔ Bing ads campaign
➔ Overview of Google Certifications
➔ Preparation for Google Ads Fundamentals Exam
➔ Preparation for Google Ads Search Advertising Exam
➔ Preparation for Google Ads Display Certification
➔ Preparation for Google Ads Mobile Certification
➔ Preparation for Google Ads Video Certification

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What you will learn


Research & Identity Target Keywords


Introduction to Google SEO & SEM


On & Off Page Optimization


Pay Per Click Campaigns

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