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Certification in Content & Creative Writing

This course is about learning about content writing and how one can go about becoming an
expert content writer. It covers various facets related to content writing and includes tips and
methods to improve one's content.

Learning Objective:
➔ LEARN the core concepts of Content Writing, Copywriting & Content Marketing
➔ INCREASE your website/ blog traffic, sales and conversions by writing powerful content
➔ IDENTIFY your ideal reader or target audience and create buyer persona
➔ USING storytelling to encourage the reader to join your email list or buy from you.
➔ DEVELOP effective copywriting skills: writing powerful headlines, call to actions and persuade
➔ HOW to write interesting content that readers will love & share
➔ OPTIMIZING the content correctly to get better search engine rankings
➔ CREATE a solid marketing plan to promote & share content with readers
➔ STAND out from the crowd by polishing your writing skills
➔ CHALLENGES you may face as a writer & tactics to overcome them
➔ QUALITIES that will make you a successful writer
➔ AVOID writing mistakes & save time
➔ BLOG WRITING tips to get more traffic

Image by Andrew Neel

What you will learn


Digital Content


Writing for Business
& Marketing


Writing for
Social Media


Creative Writing

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