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Diploma in Journalism &
Media Studies

Training Outcome    

  • Understand role of the different media in modern society

  •  ACQUIRE Knowledge of specific media roles and skills

  • The skills to research, write and present effective copy

  • An awareness of the legal environment in which the media operate.

  • Increase and broaden their employment opportunities within the industries

  • Increase and broaden their understanding of contemporary multi-platform journalism skills, and their awareness of the emerging digital media landscape and the new opportunities which are becoming available

  • Learners will be able to write news stories, press releases, and advertising copy  

  • Learners will be able to create and design emerging media products, including blogs, digital audio, mobile video, social media, digital photography, and multimedia

  • Learners will understand and be able to apply relevant media law involving journalism and other mass media issues

Introduction to Journalism

This module covers the Basics of News and the skills required to be a journalist



Mapping the local community for reporting is very important for local news. This module teaches the methods of mapping, meeting people , getting the right kind of sources for information the Art of interviewing, and understand the role of social media in journalism today


Writing & Editing

Writing for news involves techniques of writing and Editing. This module teaches the techniques of Writing for the national, local, and other news markets. It also teaches the techniques of Creating a news story or a feature and editing it



Photography as a profession commercial /editorial/wildlife or Travel fascinates everyone. But learning to use the technology and the lighting techniques is important. This module covers the technology of camera. & Lighting techniques, tools, and technologies for a news photographer in modern era.
Finally it also gives you some tips to be a successful photojournalist


Broadcast Journalism

This module covers Radio & Television, Introduction to broadcast language and broadcast style. It also covers mobile journalism, mobile applications and basics of podcast


Media Law & Ethics

An important of all Media courses is understanding the laws and working within the parameters of Law. This module introduces the learner to the legal system in India, covers various media laws. Regulatory bodies are an integral part of any system that runs the country. Regulatory bodies and ethics are covered in detail in this paper


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