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Training Outcome    
  • Create long-term and short-term strategy for social media marketing in sync with organisational objective and goal

  • Identify various steps in effective implementation of the organisational social media strategy

  • Identify various cost centres and prepare a budget for implementation of the social media strategy with adequate control

Introduction & Orientation to the Job Role

This module introduces you to the job role of a Social Media Manager. Learn the basics of Social media marketing by Assimilating  various terms related with social media. In this module you also learn to Create basic postings for social media 


Develop Social Media Strategy

Set-up social media marketing goals. Identify and understand the target audience. Identify the social media channels and set-up campaign budgets. Define KPIs to measure performance of campaigns


Implement the Social Media Strategy

In this module learn to Create campaigns based on the social media strategy of the organisation. Also learn to Identify and coordinate to source the various requirements for running the campaign such as social media posts, infographics, blogs, landing pages etc.


Prepare and Manage the Budget

In this module learn to Create sequence of the campaign with expected budget outflow for each campaign along with learning to Use budgeting software


Prepare Analytical Report for Social Media

This module learners will be able to Generate Analytic weekly/monthly/ yearly report by collecting statistics (followers, clicks, likes, reply, share, retweets, favorites etc.) Also learn to Generate qualitative analytical report to measure the engagement of a marketing campaign, success of a product launch or event


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