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Diploma in Art & Graphic Design

Training Outcome    

  • Interpret graphic visualization brief

  • Manage graphic tools

  • Visualize and generate design

  • Create and edit graphic designs using software’s

Introduction to Graphics & Design

The world of graphics is very vast in the modern technological world. In This paper you learn about the graphics world, what is graphics , what is art and how it is expressed in different ways, Use of Calligraphy in design and the basics of colour theory


Graphic Visualization

Visualization has a very big role in design thinking. This paper what you learn is the methods of visualization, different layouts, the various types of graphic styles, logo ideation, logo designing, branding your product or company, and creating an identity


Graphic Tools

This paper you learn the various types of graphic tools to prepare for the graphic process, usage of graphic tools for design production and understand the different types of graphic style file formats. Learn the basics of all graphic tools in this module (InDesign/Photoshop/Illustrator/Proof Hub/Photor/Sketch three/Marvel/Pixelate


Creating / Designing & Editing

his module students will learn to Select graphic components in accordance with the plan. 
Freeze the colour alternative that support the design plan. • Produce graphics as per the planning idea, needs, and specifications. • Produce vector artworks and illustrations. • Produce single/multi page documents appropriate to the style’s specifications. • Prepare the ultimate document as per the target platform specification. Use appropriate graphic tools to edit the content as per plan



This module is very important for graphic design as you learn the software and create graphic content for advertising campaign, and this is a completely practical oriented paper. The entire campaign plan execution depends on learning to use adobe or any other graphic software



This prepare is a culmination of the above 5 papers. The learner actually acquires the skills to execute an entire campaign plan using one graphic software


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Education has the power to construct a path for an individual to achieve wisdom, skills, and talent. The power to create, innovate and enhance, can be developed, and inherited with the right education at the right time.

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