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Diploma in UI & UX Design

Training Outcome    

  • Interpret graphic visualization brief

  • Manage graphic tools

  • Visualize and generate design

  • Create and edit graphic designs using software’s

Visual Elements of UI/UX

This paper helps you understand the broader elements of design and it's key role in enhancing the user interface. You will focus on many elements and components to help increase your skillset as a UI Designer. Learn how to design, use colors, type, imagery and help your ideas come alive


Fundamentals of Web design

Creating a roadmap for developing a User-Friendly website. Insights on the current best practices and a step-by-step methodology to provide optimum results. Creating a rough sketch of the Web pages.


Web Design Strategy and Architecture

Create a sitemap and understand the structure of the entire website. Understand the linking between pages to create a responsive website. Defining the strategy and scope of the website.


Wireframes, Design Evaluation

Bringing the sitemap to life. Focused on the Application of Ux. Creating a smooth web flow with different technologies that make web work, such as, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Create wireframes, develop the skill set for a front-or-back-end web developer, analysis the design and technology of the website.


Working Prototype in Figma

Create your own clickable prototype using web development software such as Adobe XD/ Figma. This is the last paper in the UI/UX Design Course, it offers a practical and skill-based instruction to develop you as a UI/UX Designer. Create your portfolio and take on the UI/UX Design World.


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Education has the power to construct a path for an individual to achieve wisdom, skills, and talent. The power to create, innovate and enhance, can be developed, and inherited with the right education at the right time.

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